From the Desk of Glen

On this episode Daniel and Glen break out the ironic Old Navy sweaters and eggnog and rap about their favorite holiday events that happened on Christmas Day! It's Ho-Ho-Hostorical! 

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Free's Company, Too!

On this episode Daniel and Glen take a look at Jonathan Hawkwood and the Free Companies of Europe and give you an idea of what an episode about the topic would look like had they researched it.

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Chakram to Me, Baby!

On this episode Daniel and Glen break out the sweatpants and spend a lazy afternoon rapping about their favorite weird weapons throughout history. It's good for them. They need to make time for these sorts of things.

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Wars of the Roses IV: Tudor, Sir, With Love

On this episode Daniel and Glen present the exciting conclusion to The Wars of the Roses. It's CSI:Bosworth! Come for the exciting forensic science! Stay for the Glen constantly mixing up "Richard" and "Edward"!

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Wars of the Roses Part III: Princes & the Revolution

On this episode of The Lesser Bonapartes, Daniel and Glen finally start to understand medieval British naming conventions. Then everybody dies. But the effort was there.

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The Wars of the Roses Part II: York - Peppermint Baddie

On this episode Daniel and Glen discover that maybe this Wars of the Roses business isn't so confusing after all. In that spirit they request that you do not fact check this one as it would hurt their feelings. 

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The Wars of the Roses Part I: Hack the Plantagenet!

On this episode, dedicated to Daniel's mom, much merriment is had and much sleep is lost as Daniel and Glen dive deep into The Wars of the Roses. A title that makes it sound much less confusing than it actually is! 

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She Blinded Me With Seance!

One this special Halloween History episode Daniel and Glen rap casually about their favorite scary monsters and super creeps! It turns out the real "creep" is us...

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You're Getting Historical!

On this "Hiscary Month" episode Daniel and Glen discuss history's most fascinating panics. Glen being broken on the wheel has been edited due to time constraints. Rest assured; he confessed to EVERYTHING.



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On this episode Daniel and Glen celebrate their inaugural "Hiscary Month" and discuss what is easily that most metal (and fraught with Freudian sexual panic) witch-hunting manual The Malleus Maleficarum. Come along on one man's frightful journey through the craggy estuaries of bodily fluids, liberated women, and hacky marital humor! It's the spookiest month on the history calender!

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On this episode Daniel and Glen charge gloriously into the exciting conclusion of the Siege of Vienna - 1683. Are there ANY non-racist sources for this battle? And what exactly is the going rate for saving all of Christendom these days? Only King Jan Sobieski knows for sure!

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On this episode of an exciting two-parter Daniel and Glen discuss The Siege of Vienna. Who are we kidding? They excitedly gush about the Siege of Vienna. It's embarassing. You might want to leave the room. 

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On this episode Daniel and Glen examine the events that lead to the ultimate downfall of The Bronze Age in addition to ancient conquering empire The Assyrians. Known by scholars the world over as the group that put the "queasy" in "conqueast."

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On this episode, Daniel and Glen devote years of their lives squinting at cuneiform tablets to decipher the Hittites of Bronze Age Turkey, who were never called "Hittites" by themselves or anyone else. We're noticing a trend...

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On this episode Daniel and Glen take a look at 3,000 years of Egyptian culture. What was originally a four-hour episode has been reduced to a mere 50 minutes by The Sea Peoples.

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On this episode Daniel and Glen show up late for the Bronze Age. It looks like the party's over. The correct spelling of "archaeology" was looked up many times.

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On this episode Daniel and Glen discuss some of the most fascinating women in history. And Plutarch. Again. 

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On this episode Daniel and Glen sell off all their belongings, dissolve all their relationships, then swear off alcohol, fornication, material possessions, interactions with the opposite sex, and novel reading. It's a perfect system that can't possibly fail!

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On this episode Daniel and Glen turn their metal skull caps backwards and chat about the origins of the Arthurian legend. Tossing your iPod into a body of water after listening is encouraged. Toilets count.

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Daniel and Glen swear off Hellenism (for now) with the conclusion to the Wars of the Successors that is so exciting no one in Antiquity bothered to write it down! Take that, C.S. Lewis!



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Alexander's Successors III: Antigonus & The Beav

On this episode Daniel and Glen decipher some clay tablets and dig further still into the wars of Alexander The Great's Successors. Will Antigonus press his advantage? Will Cassander emerge triumphant in Greece? Wait a minute. Alexander who? Which Nicanor are you talking about? Son of a...


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Alexander's Successors Part II: Rise of the Whoever

In this episode Daniel and Glen think they have some idea of what's going on with the successors of Alexander the Great. They don't. But it's cute the way they think they do.

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In this episode Daniel and Glen kill off Alexander the Great as quickly as possible in order to get to the good stuff. Use of The Game Genie is suggested but not required.

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Because I Got Highwaymen

On this episode Daniel and Glen stand and deliver a discusson on the phenomena of The Highwayman. But mostly they discuss how fun it is to pretend to be one. 

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Rump Shaker!

History is packing much back as Daniel and Glen discuss their favorite rump states!

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They Shoot from Horses, Don't They?

On this episode of The Lesser Bonapartes Daniel and Glen discuss how much they love ponies. 

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All Doges Go to Heaven

On this episode Daniel and Glen discuss the many ups and downs of The Fourth Crusade. Which historians agree is the fourth-best crusade. 

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Reformer: A Licky Boom Boom Down

In this episode Glen helps Daniel (and his wife) sleep a little better at night as he comes to a robust defense of the unsung heroes of the Protestant Reformation! 

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Alcibiades: Critical Douche

On the first episode of The Lesser Bonapartes Daniel and Glen take a look at the so-called "Great Man Theory" of history by exploring the life and adventures of famous Greek figure Alcibiades. It turns out that he was kind of a douche! Tune in and you too will soon want to punch him right in his stupid face!

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