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Daniel and Glen swear off Hellenism (for now) with the conclusion to the Wars of the Successors that is so exciting no one in Antiquity bothered to write it down! Take that, C.S. Lewis!



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Alexander's Successors III: Antigonus & The Beav

On this episode Daniel and Glen decipher some clay tablets and dig further still into the wars of Alexander The Great's Successors. Will Antigonus press his advantage? Will Cassander emerge triumphant in Greece? Wait a minute. Alexander who? Which Nicanor are you talking about? Son of a...


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Alexander's Successors Part II: Rise of the Whoever

In this episode Daniel and Glen think they have some idea of what's going on with the successors of Alexander the Great. They don't. But it's cute the way they think they do.

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In this episode Daniel and Glen kill off Alexander the Great as quickly as possible in order to get to the good stuff. Use of The Game Genie is suggested but not required.

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