From the Desk of Glen

On this episode Daniel and Glen take a look at 3,000 years of Egyptian culture. What was originally a four-hour episode has been reduced to a mere 50 minutes by The Sea Peoples.

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On this episode Daniel and Glen show up late for the Bronze Age. It looks like the party's over. The correct spelling of "archaeology" was looked up many times.

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On this episode Daniel and Glen discuss some of the most fascinating women in history. And Plutarch. Again. 

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On this episode Daniel and Glen sell off all their belongings, dissolve all their relationships, then swear off alcohol, fornication, material possessions, interactions with the opposite sex, and novel reading. It's a perfect system that can't possibly fail!

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On this episode Daniel and Glen turn their metal skull caps backwards and chat about the origins of the Arthurian legend. Tossing your iPod into a body of water after listening is encouraged. Toilets count.

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