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On this episode Daniel and Glen charge gloriously into the exciting conclusion of the Siege of Vienna - 1683. Are there ANY non-racist sources for this battle? And what exactly is the going rate for saving all of Christendom these days? Only King Jan Sobieski knows for sure!

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On this episode of an exciting two-parter Daniel and Glen discuss The Siege of Vienna. Who are we kidding? They excitedly gush about the Siege of Vienna. It's embarassing. You might want to leave the room. 

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On this episode Daniel and Glen examine the events that lead to the ultimate downfall of The Bronze Age in addition to ancient conquering empire The Assyrians. Known by scholars the world over as the group that put the "queasy" in "conqueast."

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On this episode, Daniel and Glen devote years of their lives squinting at cuneiform tablets to decipher the Hittites of Bronze Age Turkey, who were never called "Hittites" by themselves or anyone else. We're noticing a trend...

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