From the Desk of Glen
She Blinded Me With Seance!

One this special Halloween History episode Daniel and Glen rap casually about their favorite scary monsters and super creeps! It turns out the real "creep" is us...

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You're Getting Historical!

On this "Hiscary Month" episode Daniel and Glen discuss history's most fascinating panics. Glen being broken on the wheel has been edited due to time constraints. Rest assured; he confessed to EVERYTHING.



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On this episode Daniel and Glen celebrate their inaugural "Hiscary Month" and discuss what is easily that most metal (and fraught with Freudian sexual panic) witch-hunting manual The Malleus Maleficarum. Come along on one man's frightful journey through the craggy estuaries of bodily fluids, liberated women, and hacky marital humor! It's the spookiest month on the history calender!

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