From the Desk of Glen

On this episode Daniel and Glen doff their finest eagle and jaguar hats and dive into the culture, religion, and warfare of The Aztec Empire. Beat back the night!


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The Aztec Empire Part I - Teotihuacan on Sunshine

On the first episode of their exciting new multi-part series, Daniel and Glen stay up all night and botch the pronunciations anyway. Plus, Daniel has a million-dollar foodtruck idea and Glen becomes jealous of his dog's mastery of the Aztec language. We got big heads!

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The Three Kingdoms Part IV - Jin!

On this, the finale of our Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, Daniel and Glen contemplate the greater cultural impact of the Three Kingdoms period, mispronounce a whole lot of names, and consider opening their own Three Kingdoms-themed restaurant/bar. 

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The Three Kingdoms Part III - Zhuge Rush

On this episode Daniel and Glen attempt to pronounce everything correctly five separate times and fail miserably. Plus, exciting announcements about upcoming content! 

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