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Xenophon's Anabasis Part III - In The Armenia Now

On this episode Daniel and Glen trudge through thousands of miles of desert, mountain passes, snow, ice, and hostile enemy territory for what else? Beer! 

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Xenophon's Anabasis Part II - Billet, Raise, Cyrus

On this episode Daniel and Glen quibble over money and alliegances as they journey deeper into the heart of The Persian Empire with our ship's captain, Xenophon! Can these Greeks and Persians get along in the big city? Only Artaxerxes II knows for sure!

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Xenophon's Anabasis Part I - Xenophon; Warrior Princes

It's the beginning of a new multi-part series! Join Daniel and Glen as they get trapped behind enemy lines and have to bop their way through the hostile territory of sparse classical sources! Will they make it back? Only 10,000 or so Greek mercenaries know for sure! 

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The Aztec Empire Part IV - That's Not Nahuatl!

On this episode Daniel and Glen fight back the night sky once more to discuss the fall of the Aztec Empire and discuss the many ways that it is still with us. Plus, exciting announcments on the upcoming series!

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The Lesser Bonus-Partes Episode I - The Ana Interview!

On this special bonus episode Daniel and Glen turn the chairs backwards and rap with listener and true Mesoamerican student Ana. How badly have the Bonerpartes Bonered it? Listen and find out!

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The Aztec Empire Part III - Riding the Coatl-tails

On this episode Daniel and Glen look to the skies and attempt to divine just how many sacrifices it would take to hold onto their vast podcasting empire for just one more year. (Hint: It's more than 3).

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