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The Lesser Bonus-Partes - Mail Call!

It's Halloween! And we know you are either drunk, about to be drunk, or are recovering from being drunk and thus cannot commit to a full episode. So enjoy us as we lark through some of our favorite recent letters! New series will be up next week!

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History of Ethiopia Part IV - What a Way to Goa!

It's the finale of the History of Ethiopia series! Thanks to Ashley for the request! We hope you don't kick us out of your feed like Ethiopia did to the Jesuits! 

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The History of Ethiopia Part III - La Islam Bonita

On this episode Daniel and Glen chat about one of the most impressive and fascinating eras in Ethiopian history. It was, in fact, so awesome that everyone forgot to write anything down! But hey, carved churches! 

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The History of Ethiopia Part II - Aksum the Position

On this episode Daniel and Glen wake up refreshed and ready to take on the genesis of Christianity in the Ethiopian and Aksumite cultures! That only takes about an hour, right? Oh, it doesn't? Uh-oh.

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History of Ethiopia Part I - Ark, Ham Asylum

Listener Ashley challenged us to argue and not sleep for a few weeks. We graciously accepted. Plus, the winner of the Fanfic Submission Contest is announced and Daniel has finally caught up on his paperback beach reading!

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