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The Timurid Empire Part II - Ankara's Away!

On this episode Daniel and Glen travel over Thanksgiving weekend for a little "Turkey." Oh, that's terrible. I'm so sorry...

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The Timurid Empire Part I - Hulagu Plus

It's the new series! And Daniel and Glen can't pronounce anything! Join us as we try to parse out the nearly impossible dynasties of the successors of The Great Khan! (spoiler alert: it wasn't so great).

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The Gin Craze Part II - Gin-imy Jillickers!

On this episode Daniel and Glen wake up on a bed of straw and wonder what the hell happened 250 years ago to make London so gin happy! And thanks to Fan-Fic contest winner Matt for the suggestion!

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The Gin Craze Part I - The New Power Gin-eration

Thanks to Fan-Fic Contest Winner Matt for suggesting our new series on the Gin Craze of 18th Century Europe. ***Drinking Game Alert*** A gallon of gin every time we say "Gin." It's interactive for the duration of your consciousness! 

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