From the Desk of Glen
The Lesser Bonus-Partes - Year-End Revue

It was a slow and ugly slog to get to this, but give it a whirl! We love you guys and wanted to do a quick bro-tastic fist-bump! See you in 2016!

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The Violent Femmes II - 2 Distaff 2 Furious

On this episode Daniel and Glen once again turn the hats and chairs around and discuss some of their favorite women of history! And, for some reason, Pump Up the Volume. 

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The Timurid Empire Part IV - Admirable Akbar

On this episode Daniel and Glen explore what happened to the descendants of Tamerlane because he died two episodes ago and we didn't know what else to talk about! Plus an exciting announcement about the Patreon rewards in 2016! 


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On this episode Daniel and Glen talk about Tamerlane's legacy. Though he died in the last episode. Wait. What are we talking about now? How many more episodes? Oh for fu...

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