From the Desk of Glen

The endish is here! Join Glen this week as he describes how the end of La Revolucion looks a lot like the end of "Casino"

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La Revoluion Mexicana IX - Parks and Wreck

Today we visit our glorious National Parks system and the downfall of Pancho Villa!

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La Revolucion Mexicana VIII - +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma

On this, the eighth (?) episode of La Revolucion Mexicana, Glen discusses the break up of The Revolutionary Beatles by a revolutionary Yoko Ono. But there are no Yoko Onos. Just go with it.

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La Revolucion Mexicana VII - Franz, I'll be there for You

On this first Wednesday episode of The Lesser Bonapartes Glen provides the epilogue to the man, the myth, the boozer Victoriano Huerta. It's a little on the short-side but so was his comeback!

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La Revolucion Mexicana VI - Huerta Day, Gone Tomorrow

On this, the first solo-outing for Glen on The Lesser Bonapartes, we discuss the presidency of Victoriano Huerta. Go to bed old man!

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The Pirate Flag

A special announcement from Glen

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We are taking a little winter vacay, so meanwhile enjoy a little interview Kris did with Johan Anderson from Paradox Interactive. Happy winter holidays!

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to our part 5 of La Revolution Mexicana series! Please, help yourself to a drink, or dont. Some people mentioned within today's episode would not appreciate it.


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Greetings and welcome all to part IV of our Revolution Mexicana series! This time we provide ample amounts of Zapata, Mr. Huerta, The bloodiest 6 days of the revolution and those, who are in it for the LOLs. 

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Death, alcohol and  FINALLY a revolution - all this in the newest part of our Mexican Revolution series! What else did you expect?

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THE DICTATOR!! See if you can spot him in our second part of the Mexian Revolution series. Remember to love the Great Leader and enjoy our episode. Salutations! 

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Hey Boners and Grenades! Our Opus Magnum is about to arrive, so turn your phone to silent, sit tight, and let the lights go down as we are joined by Ana and venture into the Mexian revolution. P. S. Can you count the times Glen and Kris are confused?

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We are joined today by our lovely Ana to tell us about the history of sugar sculls. Love 'em, hate 'em, don't ignore them, they are a significant part of remembering the dead . Have fun while trick or treating, check your candy and remember, your ancestors are always watching. Happy Halloween!

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The Wolf of Balt Street

They don't do Halloween in Latvia! Ana had to go to a wedding! Alise is sick with the flu! Making our Halloween party kinda lame! But fear not, Boners! Kris and Glen have a story to tell that is sure to send shivers down your spine!

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We are Black Metal Bonapartes, and we bring you the last part of the Elamite series where we cover the brutal Assyrians, stupid jokes and future plans. Hard Rock Halleluyah!

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An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and if you steal my bread, YOU GET THROWN IN THE RIVER!!! Welcome to the third part of the Elamite series where some Hammurapi laws are discussed along with some great details on the'grandly named Middle Elamite Period. 

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The Elamites II - Kish: Destroyer

Matriarchy and high priestesses, ripping apart the story of genesis,
incest and all sorts of Game of Thrones worthy insanity - All this in this newest episode in the Elamites series! 

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The Elamites I - Awan, Two, Three, Four!

At long last? The Lesser Bonapartes honor the request of exactly ONE person in all of history, and blame him accordingly! This week join Glen and Kris as they try to make an entire series on The Elamites fly. History podcasters, don't try this at home!

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Here's a rap for you cool cats about some Soviet History textbooks! Kristaps has brought some authentic books for this back- to- school episode and talks about some ridiculous history details mentioned there. Sharpen your pencils as this crossover episode may or may not include a test. 

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From the Desk of Glen

It's just you and Glen on this bonus episode!

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Hey there, Boners. You are cordially invited to the bachelor/ bachelorette party for Kristaps and Alice! Joined by the fabulous Ana as well, all four of the gang discuss the strangest booze they could get their hands on. So, pick up a nice cold one and join the party!

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Ever wanted to be cool? So did Sigurd the nice guy. Well, not so nice. Here we are with our last episode of the Varangian Guard series, giving you some fun Crusade madness and the ever so drunk end of the Varangian Guard. 

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The Varangian Guard III - Dyrrhachium? Damn Near Killed 'Em!"

In this episode Glen and Kristaps discuss the various types of varangian guards, the Battle of Stamford Bridge among others and going beserk on psychodelic mushrooms. For real. 

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The second part of the most metal series is here, where we discuss the Varangian guardsmen and the most well dressed man in history - Bolli, our patron saint.

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The Varangian Guard I - Livin' on a Praetor

Join our newest deep dive into our power metal series - the Varangian Guards! Remember to bring your Lesser Bingo punchcards, as we're touching all the basics.

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A History of Small Things - Jitomate

This is a rags-to-riches story, an ugly duckling story, a story about poison and cannibalism and pumpkins. This is the story of the world's most popular vegetable. This is the story of tomatoes"

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Death Rides a Pale Ale

Cracked is Whack! This week the boys beat click-bait history at its own game by diving deep into their favorite historical deaths! Listen with your head in a bag!

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From Rockets to Russia

This week the Lesser Bonapartes are joined by Critical Bro-ette Alise to discuss their favorite arts, crafts, and DIY projects throughout the ages! Turns out you can pickle anything! And you can pour a pint and paint with pickled people pigging out on pie! Say THAT three times fast!

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The British Raj VII - Raj Against the Machine

On this episode Kristaps and Glen conclude their longest series yet with a SUPER-SIZED entry! Thank you for your patience and support as we tackled our biggest and most complex topic yet! We're just getting started!

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British Raj VI - The Bengals, Eternal Fame

On this episode Kristaps and Glen take the time to do some table-setting (table-setting? Table-setting) of the burgeoning Indian independence movement of the eve of The Great War. Along the way they introduce some new Critical Douches, some new Critical Bros, and a tantalizing new Pokemon! Catch it!

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This week Glen and Kristaps Continue on this quest through the British Raj!  Glen nerds out about the the Sikh religion, Kristaps announces his crush on Queen Victoria, and India continues to suffer under British oppression!  Whats not to love?! Make sure to donate so we can send out salsa and other fun prizes!

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A History of Small Things

In the first episode of Ana Laura's "A History of Small Things", we explore the nuances of something only humans do - enjoy being hurt by their food!

We hope you enjoy this new spin-off of The Lesser Bonapartes! Look for it on its own feed soon!

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This week Glen and Kristaps finally reach the British Raj, four episodes in... and you thought it took forever to reach Napoleon!  Listen as we learn about the Sepoy revolt and the beginnings of the British Raj!  EDITORS NOTE: There was a mistake somewhere in the systems so that's why everything is a lower quality this week, I promise this wont happen again!  Enjoy!

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This week Glen and Kristaps continue their long march though the Indian subcontinent to get to the British Raj!  Will they ever reach it?  WHO KNOWS?!  But listen to the Lesser Bonapartes to find out!  Find out what happens when you let a few guys die in a dungeon and how the people of India react to all these white people running around!

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This week Glen and Kristaps continue their never ending adventure into the world of India and European conquest, talking about everything from proxy wars and intense rivalries!  What's new?  Remember this is our pledge drive summer so go to Patreon to get a chance to be on the Lesser Bonapartes!

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The British Raj I - Re-Runs, What's Happening?!

This week Glen and Kristaps start there new series on the British Raj, however due to the fact that you are listening to the Lesser Bonapartes we shall begin in the Bronze Age.  Prepare for a long quest as Kristaps learns of the horrors of the Hussite Night and we all learn of the British Raj.

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The Lesser Bonus-Partes - Dan-atio Memoraie

This week we bring out the fiery arrows and celebrate the life of Boner Maximus Daniel, long had he reigned.  Since long time fan of the show and editor Andrew could not attend, I would like to simply thank Dan for all that he has done to make the show great and I don't know where I'd be if he didn't come along and give me this chance to be the editor, it's opened up a world of opportunities and I will continue to harass you on the internet.  Now all that's left is to push the boat out to sea and shoot the arrow, whether he's still alive or not.

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The Lesser Bonus-Partes - 100th Episode Spectacular

Break out the tuxedos and your finest evening wear as we prepare to celebrate Boner Prom for the 100th episode special!  Who will Kristaps take to the dance, will Britney get her songs played?  Find out more on the Lesser Bonapartes!

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Insert [Pun]ishment Here

This week Glen and Dan Kristaps talk about everyone's favorite... PUNISHMENT!  Prepare to be grossed out as we learn how people were tortured and killed throughout history!  Also enjoy the debut of Kristaps replacing no one, how dare you say there way a time before Kristaps... TO GULAG WITH YOU!

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Moorish Spain VII - Granada Surf

This week Dan and Glen have finally done it!  They have finished there history of Moorish Spain podcast to go back and make more podcasts about other weird parts of history!  Listen as Dan and Glen tell the exciting tail of the end of Muslims in Spain as well as THE SPANISH INQUISITION!  I'm sure no body expected that.

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Moorish Spain VI - Camp Granada

This week Dan and Glen go into the creation of Granada, the last Muslim state in Iberia!  Plus references that only your mom will get, oh the humanity!

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Moorish Spain V - Toledo of the Pack

This week Dan and Glen start where we left off two episodes ago and look over the rising power of the Catholic monarchs in the north and the rise of the Almoravids in the south!  Plus Dan and  Glen have to deal with their new pet peeves, splitting up your kingdom upon your death!!!

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Moorish Spain IV - El Cid: Vicious

Dan and Glen welcome resident Brosephine Ana Laura to tell them everything they're doing wrong.  Come and sit children as Dan and Glen learn about the adventures of El Cid and his majestic beard!

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Moorish Spain III - Moors,  Banquet, Iberia

Join Dan and Glen on their continued adventure though the culture of Moorish Iberia!  Dan and Glen jam out to the sickest of sick beats and discuss the wonderful world of agriculture, how fascinating! Also, someone won the T-shirt, listen to find out who... It's probably Dan's mom...

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Moorish Spain II - Umayyad Bro?

This week Dan and Glen continue their adventures in Moorish Spain where else... in early Islamic history!  Join them as we follow escaped rulers and only a little bit of alcohol... how decedent!

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Moorish Spain I - Lessish is Moorish

Oh dear Dan and Glen have finally gone over their heads with their new series on Moorish/Islamic Spain/Iberia.  Who knows how many episodes there will be, but Dan and Glen are just glad to be back from Siberia.  Does this technically count as western European history, cause if they do anything western Europe for the rest of 2016 I'm going to start a riot.

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Greater Bolsheviks: Revolutionary Cuisine

Send help! Dan and Glen have been captured by the Revolutionary armies lead by Kirstaps Andrejsons of the Eastern Boarder!  His communist army is marching against us, I am attempting to lead a resistance with the rest of the Lesser Bonapartists but we cannot not survive for long! SEND HE.... OH NOT IT'S COSSACKS!

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Trousers? I hardly knew her!

This week Dan and Glen are rescued from the Lord of the Flies island by Andrew, and to show their appreciation of modern civilization they have decided to do an episode on pants... what?  I mean at least it's not not Western European history!

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Savonarola IV - Mach & Medicis

On this episode Daniel and Glen try to get around to the exciting conclusion to the story of "Mad Monk" Savonarola but get stuck arguing whether or not they should be allowed to bring along their favorite snack crackers. Plus, an exciting reveal of the next series!

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Savonarola III - Idiot Savonarola

Andrew is on vacation so it's utter chaos as Daniel and Glen attempt to keep up Boner HQ while discussing the brief but productive reign of Girolamo Savonarola! How did spaghetti sauce get on the ceiling?

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This week Dan and Glen press their weak claims across the podcasting world, but fail to successfully inherit the Hardcore History... So instead they're going to do what the Lesser Bonapartes do best and ignore the series topic for most of the episode, and I thought I was lazy...

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This week Glen and Dan talk about the Black Death, Rome, and religion in medieval Europe!  Watch as they step into the deep unexplored caverns of... WESTERN EUROPEAN HISTORY, the most under represented history on the show... wait didn't they just do that?

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Warning, don't eat your lunch while listening to this episode of the Lesser Bonapartes as we talk about more weird weapons throughout history.  Join us as we discover the Mongols and their love of biological warfare, as well as scorpion bomb... Yes, we are all terrified of those as well.  Also if you'd like to learn more Glen suggests 'Greek Fire, Poison Arrows & Scorpion Bombs: Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World' by Adrienne Mayor.

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Join us on this special episode of the Lesser Bonapartes as Travis J Dow joins us to talk about the Frenchmen... er German... er both Charlemagne!  Listen as we release our new motto "I'm gonna say the wrong thing but basically..."

Direct download: The_Frankish_Kingdom_IV_-_Charles_the_Great_in_Charge.mp3
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Kings Dan and Glen wallow in idleness and luxury while Mayor of the Palace Andrew actually runs the kingdom. Plus, Moorish Spain and the tale of poor Odo of Aquitaine, not to mention everyone's favorite Gregory of Tours!

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This week Dan and Glen take a break from the specific murder and violence of the Franks to talk about the general murder and violence of the entire Dark ages!  Join us as Glen and Dan decide they haven't spent enough time talking about the Roman Empire and discover a new alternative to baking tablets...

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Glen and Dan continue the story of the Franks and look at the era that set the pace for the Middle Ages. So you know: blood feuds, plagues, and nepoticide.

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This Week Dan and Glen look over at the beginnings of the Merovingian dynasty, the Frankish conversion to Catholicism, and free punk shows for barbarians

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On this episode Daniel and Glen talk about the Fall of Rome or lack there of.  Except this time they successfully mention the Franks, a Lesser Bonapartes first!

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