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This week Glen and Dan talk about the Black Death, Rome, and religion in medieval Europe!  Watch as they step into the deep unexplored caverns of... WESTERN EUROPEAN HISTORY, the most under represented history on the show... wait didn't they just do that?

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Warning, don't eat your lunch while listening to this episode of the Lesser Bonapartes as we talk about more weird weapons throughout history.  Join us as we discover the Mongols and their love of biological warfare, as well as scorpion bomb... Yes, we are all terrified of those as well.  Also if you'd like to learn more Glen suggests 'Greek Fire, Poison Arrows & Scorpion Bombs: Biological and Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World' by Adrienne Mayor.

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Join us on this special episode of the Lesser Bonapartes as Travis J Dow joins us to talk about the Frenchmen... er German... er both Charlemagne!  Listen as we release our new motto "I'm gonna say the wrong thing but basically..."

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Kings Dan and Glen wallow in idleness and luxury while Mayor of the Palace Andrew actually runs the kingdom. Plus, Moorish Spain and the tale of poor Odo of Aquitaine, not to mention everyone's favorite Gregory of Tours!

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