From the Desk of Glen
Trousers? I hardly knew her!

This week Dan and Glen are rescued from the Lord of the Flies island by Andrew, and to show their appreciation of modern civilization they have decided to do an episode on pants... what?  I mean at least it's not not Western European history!

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Savonarola IV - Mach & Medicis

On this episode Daniel and Glen try to get around to the exciting conclusion to the story of "Mad Monk" Savonarola but get stuck arguing whether or not they should be allowed to bring along their favorite snack crackers. Plus, an exciting reveal of the next series!

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Savonarola III - Idiot Savonarola

Andrew is on vacation so it's utter chaos as Daniel and Glen attempt to keep up Boner HQ while discussing the brief but productive reign of Girolamo Savonarola! How did spaghetti sauce get on the ceiling?

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This week Dan and Glen press their weak claims across the podcasting world, but fail to successfully inherit the Hardcore History... So instead they're going to do what the Lesser Bonapartes do best and ignore the series topic for most of the episode, and I thought I was lazy...

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