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Moorish Spain V - Toledo of the Pack

This week Dan and Glen start where we left off two episodes ago and look over the rising power of the Catholic monarchs in the north and the rise of the Almoravids in the south!  Plus Dan and  Glen have to deal with their new pet peeves, splitting up your kingdom upon your death!!!

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Moorish Spain IV - El Cid: Vicious

Dan and Glen welcome resident Brosephine Ana Laura to tell them everything they're doing wrong.  Come and sit children as Dan and Glen learn about the adventures of El Cid and his majestic beard!

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Moorish Spain III - Moors,  Banquet, Iberia

Join Dan and Glen on their continued adventure though the culture of Moorish Iberia!  Dan and Glen jam out to the sickest of sick beats and discuss the wonderful world of agriculture, how fascinating! Also, someone won the T-shirt, listen to find out who... It's probably Dan's mom...

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Moorish Spain II - Umayyad Bro?

This week Dan and Glen continue their adventures in Moorish Spain where else... in early Islamic history!  Join them as we follow escaped rulers and only a little bit of alcohol... how decedent!

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Moorish Spain I - Lessish is Moorish

Oh dear Dan and Glen have finally gone over their heads with their new series on Moorish/Islamic Spain/Iberia.  Who knows how many episodes there will be, but Dan and Glen are just glad to be back from Siberia.  Does this technically count as western European history, cause if they do anything western Europe for the rest of 2016 I'm going to start a riot.

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Greater Bolsheviks: Revolutionary Cuisine

Send help! Dan and Glen have been captured by the Revolutionary armies lead by Kirstaps Andrejsons of the Eastern Boarder!  His communist army is marching against us, I am attempting to lead a resistance with the rest of the Lesser Bonapartists but we cannot not survive for long! SEND HE.... OH NOT IT'S COSSACKS!

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