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The Lesser Bonus-Partes - 100th Episode Spectacular

Break out the tuxedos and your finest evening wear as we prepare to celebrate Boner Prom for the 100th episode special!  Who will Kristaps take to the dance, will Britney get her songs played?  Find out more on the Lesser Bonapartes!

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Insert [Pun]ishment Here

This week Glen and Dan Kristaps talk about everyone's favorite... PUNISHMENT!  Prepare to be grossed out as we learn how people were tortured and killed throughout history!  Also enjoy the debut of Kristaps replacing no one, how dare you say there way a time before Kristaps... TO GULAG WITH YOU!

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Moorish Spain VII - Granada Surf

This week Dan and Glen have finally done it!  They have finished there history of Moorish Spain podcast to go back and make more podcasts about other weird parts of history!  Listen as Dan and Glen tell the exciting tail of the end of Muslims in Spain as well as THE SPANISH INQUISITION!  I'm sure no body expected that.

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Moorish Spain VI - Camp Granada

This week Dan and Glen go into the creation of Granada, the last Muslim state in Iberia!  Plus references that only your mom will get, oh the humanity!

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