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This week Glen and Kristaps continue their long march though the Indian subcontinent to get to the British Raj!  Will they ever reach it?  WHO KNOWS?!  But listen to the Lesser Bonapartes to find out!  Find out what happens when you let a few guys die in a dungeon and how the people of India react to all these white people running around!

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This week Glen and Kristaps continue their never ending adventure into the world of India and European conquest, talking about everything from proxy wars and intense rivalries!  What's new?  Remember this is our pledge drive summer so go to Patreon to get a chance to be on the Lesser Bonapartes!

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The British Raj I - Re-Runs, What's Happening?!

This week Glen and Kristaps start there new series on the British Raj, however due to the fact that you are listening to the Lesser Bonapartes we shall begin in the Bronze Age.  Prepare for a long quest as Kristaps learns of the horrors of the Hussite Night and we all learn of the British Raj.

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The Lesser Bonus-Partes - Dan-atio Memoraie

This week we bring out the fiery arrows and celebrate the life of Boner Maximus Daniel, long had he reigned.  Since long time fan of the show and editor Andrew could not attend, I would like to simply thank Dan for all that he has done to make the show great and I don't know where I'd be if he didn't come along and give me this chance to be the editor, it's opened up a world of opportunities and I will continue to harass you on the internet.  Now all that's left is to push the boat out to sea and shoot the arrow, whether he's still alive or not.

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