From the Desk of Glen
From Rockets to Russia

This week the Lesser Bonapartes are joined by Critical Bro-ette Alise to discuss their favorite arts, crafts, and DIY projects throughout the ages! Turns out you can pickle anything! And you can pour a pint and paint with pickled people pigging out on pie! Say THAT three times fast!

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The British Raj VII - Raj Against the Machine

On this episode Kristaps and Glen conclude their longest series yet with a SUPER-SIZED entry! Thank you for your patience and support as we tackled our biggest and most complex topic yet! We're just getting started!

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British Raj VI - The Bengals, Eternal Fame

On this episode Kristaps and Glen take the time to do some table-setting (table-setting? Table-setting) of the burgeoning Indian independence movement of the eve of The Great War. Along the way they introduce some new Critical Douches, some new Critical Bros, and a tantalizing new Pokemon! Catch it!

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This week Glen and Kristaps Continue on this quest through the British Raj!  Glen nerds out about the the Sikh religion, Kristaps announces his crush on Queen Victoria, and India continues to suffer under British oppression!  Whats not to love?! Make sure to donate so we can send out salsa and other fun prizes!

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A History of Small Things

In the first episode of Ana Laura's "A History of Small Things", we explore the nuances of something only humans do - enjoy being hurt by their food!

We hope you enjoy this new spin-off of The Lesser Bonapartes! Look for it on its own feed soon!

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This week Glen and Kristaps finally reach the British Raj, four episodes in... and you thought it took forever to reach Napoleon!  Listen as we learn about the Sepoy revolt and the beginnings of the British Raj!  EDITORS NOTE: There was a mistake somewhere in the systems so that's why everything is a lower quality this week, I promise this wont happen again!  Enjoy!

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