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The Varangian Guard III - Dyrrhachium? Damn Near Killed 'Em!"

In this episode Glen and Kristaps discuss the various types of varangian guards, the Battle of Stamford Bridge among others and going beserk on psychodelic mushrooms. For real. 

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The second part of the most metal series is here, where we discuss the Varangian guardsmen and the most well dressed man in history - Bolli, our patron saint.

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The Varangian Guard I - Livin' on a Praetor

Join our newest deep dive into our power metal series - the Varangian Guards! Remember to bring your Lesser Bingo punchcards, as we're touching all the basics.

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A History of Small Things - Jitomate

This is a rags-to-riches story, an ugly duckling story, a story about poison and cannibalism and pumpkins. This is the story of the world's most popular vegetable. This is the story of tomatoes"

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Death Rides a Pale Ale

Cracked is Whack! This week the boys beat click-bait history at its own game by diving deep into their favorite historical deaths! Listen with your head in a bag!

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