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Greetings and welcome all to part IV of our Revolution Mexicana series! This time we provide ample amounts of Zapata, Mr. Huerta, The bloodiest 6 days of the revolution and those, who are in it for the LOLs. 

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Death, alcohol and  FINALLY a revolution - all this in the newest part of our Mexican Revolution series! What else did you expect?

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THE DICTATOR!! See if you can spot him in our second part of the Mexian Revolution series. Remember to love the Great Leader and enjoy our episode. Salutations! 

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Hey Boners and Grenades! Our Opus Magnum is about to arrive, so turn your phone to silent, sit tight, and let the lights go down as we are joined by Ana and venture into the Mexian revolution. P. S. Can you count the times Glen and Kris are confused?

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