The Lesser Bonapartes (general)

On this episode Bry and Glen discuss the "Warring States" period of Japan and the concurrent spread of Christianity!



The episode has audio problems. Thank you for being patient while we sort out the fallout of the Computapocolypse earlier this month! 

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On this episode, David and Glen dive even deeper into Afghanistan culture and myth-making! Wait, THAT was the start of the "Golden Age"?!

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We are taking a little winter vacay, so meanwhile enjoy a little interview Kris did with Johan Anderson from Paradox Interactive. Happy winter holidays!

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An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and if you steal my bread, YOU GET THROWN IN THE RIVER!!! Welcome to the third part of the Elamite series where some Hammurapi laws are discussed along with some great details on the'grandly named Middle Elamite Period. 

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Hey there, Boners. You are cordially invited to the bachelor/ bachelorette party for Kristaps and Alice! Joined by the fabulous Ana as well, all four of the gang discuss the strangest booze they could get their hands on. So, pick up a nice cold one and join the party!

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This week Glen and Kristaps finally reach the British Raj, four episodes in... and you thought it took forever to reach Napoleon!  Listen as we learn about the Sepoy revolt and the beginnings of the British Raj!  EDITORS NOTE: There was a mistake somewhere in the systems so that's why everything is a lower quality this week, I promise this wont happen again!  Enjoy!

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The Lesser Bonus-Partes - 100th Episode Spectacular

Break out the tuxedos and your finest evening wear as we prepare to celebrate Boner Prom for the 100th episode special!  Who will Kristaps take to the dance, will Britney get her songs played?  Find out more on the Lesser Bonapartes!

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Moorish Spain IV - El Cid: Vicious

Dan and Glen welcome resident Brosephine Ana Laura to tell them everything they're doing wrong.  Come and sit children as Dan and Glen learn about the adventures of El Cid and his majestic beard!

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Trousers? I hardly knew her!

This week Dan and Glen are rescued from the Lord of the Flies island by Andrew, and to show their appreciation of modern civilization they have decided to do an episode on pants... what?  I mean at least it's not not Western European history!

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This week Dan and Glen press their weak claims across the podcasting world, but fail to successfully inherit the Hardcore History... So instead they're going to do what the Lesser Bonapartes do best and ignore the series topic for most of the episode, and I thought I was lazy...

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