The Lesser Bonapartes (history)
The Ashanti Empire Part II - Kumasi, Comme Ca

On this second episode of a multi-part series on the Ashanti Empire, Daniel and Glen go into "cool teacher" mode and rap about their favorite aspects of Ashanti life and culture. Bring your own yam!

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The Ashanti Empire Part I - Ghana Make You Sweat

On this episode Daniel and Glen do a deep dive into a new miniseries where they will most assuredly lose their minds. Fun, won't you?

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Procopius; Sex & Violence

On this episode Daniel and Glen set a little mood lighting, turn the hats backwards, and have an "adult conversation" about one of history's dirtiest biographies.

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The Greater Bonapartes Part VII - Napoleon's Waterloo

On this episode, surely to be remembered as the definitive word on the definitive battle of the Napoleonic War, Daniel and Glen return from exile on the Isle of Elba and put their feet up and sit out trying to figure out whatever the heck Napoleon was thinking. Now with more ABBA jokes!

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The Greater Bonapartes Part VI - Czar Search

On this episode Daniel musters 600,000 men and marches on Glen for drinking the last beer in the fridge. They were bros. Oh, and Napoleon gets a bunch of people killed and accomplishes nothing.

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The Greater Bonapartes Part V - Prussia It Real Good

On this episode Daniel and Glen finally bite off more than they can chew. But so did Prussia. And that's totally a bigger deal than Daniel and Glen!

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The Greater Bonapartes Part IV - Duck Coup

On this episode Daniel and Glen get to the Napoleonic Era. Episode IV. Yeah. We know.

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The Greater Bonapartes Part III - Balk Like an Egyptian

On this episode Daniel and Glen set sail on the biggest Napoleonic debacle since our first two installments! Naval combat in the Age of Sail! Egyptomania! Hilariously bad ideas! It's all here, folks!

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The Greater Bonapartes Part II - Italy, Me Banana

On this episode Daniel and Glen get a little too attached. Recite our podcast to all your friends at court and laugh hysterically. Plus, the invention of your least favorite Starcraft tactic, and why it was probably a total buzzkill to go out drinking with Napoleon during the Italian wars!

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The Greater Bonapartes Part I - French's Muster

In this all-new multi-part series Daniel and Glen declare the podcast monarchy dissolved and bring about "The Terror." It's their own terror. Seriously. They have no idea what they're doing.

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