The Lesser Bonapartes (history)
Rump Shaker!

History is packing much back as Daniel and Glen discuss their favorite rump states!

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They Shoot from Horses, Don't They?

On this episode of The Lesser Bonapartes Daniel and Glen discuss how much they love ponies. 

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All Doges Go to Heaven

On this episode Daniel and Glen discuss the many ups and downs of The Fourth Crusade. Which historians agree is the fourth-best crusade. 

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Reformer: A Licky Boom Boom Down

In this episode Glen helps Daniel (and his wife) sleep a little better at night as he comes to a robust defense of the unsung heroes of the Protestant Reformation! 

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Alcibiades: Critical Douche

On the first episode of The Lesser Bonapartes Daniel and Glen take a look at the so-called "Great Man Theory" of history by exploring the life and adventures of famous Greek figure Alcibiades. It turns out that he was kind of a douche! Tune in and you too will soon want to punch him right in his stupid face!

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