The Lesser Bonapartes (history)
The Maurya Empire Part IV - It's Reigning Menander

On this episode Daniel and Glen struggle to find something to say about an era that is entirely bereft of primary sources. But yet they find peace in the struggle. So in a way it's fitting.

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The Maurya Empire Part III - Gimme Gimme Ashoka Treatment

On this episode Daniel and Glen explore (on the backs of imaginary elephants) the reign of Ashoka the Great, who toiled away in obscurity until he released his legendary Rock Edicts. 

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The Maurya Empire Part II: Jains Addiction

On this episode Daniel and Glen fail to meditate quietly on Jainism, Mauryan expansion, and Hellenistic India. If you fail to learn anything you will be doomed to listen again and again.

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The Maurya Empire Part I: Chariot Begins at Home

On this episode Daniel and Glen provide some quick context before they renounce sleep and free-time to travel the world gathering information for this two-bit series on the first great Indian empire!

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On this episode Daniel and Glen break out the ironic Old Navy sweaters and eggnog and rap about their favorite holiday events that happened on Christmas Day! It's Ho-Ho-Hostorical! 

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Free's Company, Too!

On this episode Daniel and Glen take a look at Jonathan Hawkwood and the Free Companies of Europe and give you an idea of what an episode about the topic would look like had they researched it.

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Chakram to Me, Baby!

On this episode Daniel and Glen break out the sweatpants and spend a lazy afternoon rapping about their favorite weird weapons throughout history. It's good for them. They need to make time for these sorts of things.

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Wars of the Roses IV: Tudor, Sir, With Love

On this episode Daniel and Glen present the exciting conclusion to The Wars of the Roses. It's CSI:Bosworth! Come for the exciting forensic science! Stay for the Glen constantly mixing up "Richard" and "Edward"!

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Wars of the Roses Part III: Princes & the Revolution

On this episode of The Lesser Bonapartes, Daniel and Glen finally start to understand medieval British naming conventions. Then everybody dies. But the effort was there.

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The Wars of the Roses Part II: York - Peppermint Baddie

On this episode Daniel and Glen discover that maybe this Wars of the Roses business isn't so confusing after all. In that spirit they request that you do not fact check this one as it would hurt their feelings. 

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