The Lesser Bonapartes (history)

We are Black Metal Bonapartes, and we bring you the last part of the Elamite series where we cover the brutal Assyrians, stupid jokes and future plans. Hard Rock Halleluyah!

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The Elamites II - Kish: Destroyer

Matriarchy and high priestesses, ripping apart the story of genesis,
incest and all sorts of Game of Thrones worthy insanity - All this in this newest episode in the Elamites series! 

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The Elamites I - Awan, Two, Three, Four!

At long last? The Lesser Bonapartes honor the request of exactly ONE person in all of history, and blame him accordingly! This week join Glen and Kris as they try to make an entire series on The Elamites fly. History podcasters, don't try this at home!

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Here's a rap for you cool cats about some Soviet History textbooks! Kristaps has brought some authentic books for this back- to- school episode and talks about some ridiculous history details mentioned there. Sharpen your pencils as this crossover episode may or may not include a test. 

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From the Desk of Glen

It's just you and Glen on this bonus episode!

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Ever wanted to be cool? So did Sigurd the nice guy. Well, not so nice. Here we are with our last episode of the Varangian Guard series, giving you some fun Crusade madness and the ever so drunk end of the Varangian Guard. 

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The Varangian Guard III - Dyrrhachium? Damn Near Killed 'Em!"

In this episode Glen and Kristaps discuss the various types of varangian guards, the Battle of Stamford Bridge among others and going beserk on psychodelic mushrooms. For real. 

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The second part of the most metal series is here, where we discuss the Varangian guardsmen and the most well dressed man in history - Bolli, our patron saint.

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The Varangian Guard I - Livin' on a Praetor

Join our newest deep dive into our power metal series - the Varangian Guards! Remember to bring your Lesser Bingo punchcards, as we're touching all the basics.

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A History of Small Things - Jitomate

This is a rags-to-riches story, an ugly duckling story, a story about poison and cannibalism and pumpkins. This is the story of the world's most popular vegetable. This is the story of tomatoes"

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